IZOTECH offers complete glass wool production lines employing latest-generation technology to manufacture boards, rolled blankets and pipes for residential and industrial thermal and acoustic insulation needs, in compliance with the top international standards (EN, DIN, ASTM).

At the system HOT END, the raw materials are dosed, mixed, melted, fiberized, impregnated with a special binder and formed into a primitive mat of very fine fiber glass. Continuous conveyors transport the mat to the COLD END of the plant for binder polymerization. The product is then cut to shape and packed for shipping.

IZOTECH covers all of these production steps, with distinctive know-how on the hot end of the line: for example, it has developed its own, patented fiberizing processes and machines and it can provide any type of binder together with the related production plant. Thanks to these competences, IZOTECH can provide the complete production line, managing all the technological aspects of the project.

IZOTECH glass wool production lines range from 5 to 200 tons/day capacity (1,500 to 60,000 tons/year), and are fully automated thanks to PLC and Scada systems.

All IZOTECH lines comply with the latest international environmental regulations.


As a supplier of production lines and machinery, IZOTECH also pursues continuous improvement in glass wool technology. In the last few years IZOTECH has obtained a European Patent for a new off-center fiberizing process: combined with a special split-forming, glass pull control and X-ray fiber distribution control, the process turns out insulating products of the highest quality.

Innovation in technology has brought significant improvements in production lines:

  • – Better fiber distribution
  • – Energy savings
  • – Reduced fiber and binder loss
  • – Significant increase in line efficiency
  • – Less stress during fiber formation, for better finished product recovery
  • – Even fiber distribution through the product
  • – Perfectly smooth upper and lower product surfaces

IZOTECH also conducts special studies for specific client needs. On the European market, for instance, it has obtained a European Patent for biosoluble glass, developed in compliance with European guidelines and supplied together with the production line.


IZOTECH offers a comprehensive after-sales technical support and spare parts delivery service.It has its own production facility for fiberizing spinners and all fiberizing machine spares, to deliver quality of the highest level.